Everybody Was Kung Foo Fighting

Welcome to my site, its a bunch of games and apps and random code/other stuff i've created in the past while.

If you see any broken links, missing files anything that needs to be fixed basically go ahead and email me :)

Update: All games and apps are universal binary! All programs have been tested on 10.4 also.

email: pc_devil_2000@hotmail.com










Code & Stuff:

Cocoa OpenGL Application Template - Get started with OpenGL in Mac OS X quickly

teapot.c - command line app to raytrace a teapot

capslock.c - makes the caps lock led go on and off !!!

displaystruct.c - Print out ASCII diagrams of structs

Accessors.java - Java program to write accessors & constructors for me.

glGif - animated gif's in an opengl context via NSImage

OpenGL Screen Saver - OpenGL Screen Saver Template

MoveSelectedItemsToNewFolder.workflow - An automator action I find useful

Run Shell Script.workflow - Another automator action I find useful

HITest - HITheme test program (built as a test before writing AquaPong)

Mandelbrot - simple shader example rendering mandelbrot fractal on the GPU (requires good gfx card)

Heightmap2NormalMap - Generates a normalmap (dot3) given a heightmap

LOGO - LOGO interpreter in haskell [image]

FBOSwapEx - Basic ObjectiveC wrapper for FBOs and ping ponging etc

BSOD screensaver - Blue screen of death saver [src]

Eyes - Eyes in the menubar that watch the cursor + src


Derivation of the Dot and Cross product component equations [*]
Some lisping [*]
CocoaC tutorial [*]
Solve solitare [*]


apple.com/downloads/macosx/ - Mac OS X downloads
idevgames.com - Mac game programming forum
idevapps.com - Mac application programming

voltechs.com - Dale
nether.org.uk - Neil Carter
sacredsoftware.net - Alex Diener
onesadcookie.com - Keith Bauer

GoToStatementConsideredHarmful.txt (mirrored here)
TheCrueltyOfReallyTeachingComputerScience.txt (mirrored here)
TheStoryofMelARealProgrammer.txt (mirrored here)
~el8 web.textfiles.com
K-RAD web.textfiles.com
ThE HaX0R bRoThErS web.textfiles.com

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